Not Safe For Mom

Not Safe For Mom

Not Safe For Mom is my “hotness” rating or my scale of the sex scenes. My mom and I both love to read and often times compare notes on current books we’re reading. However, she’s hesitant to read books where the sex is super graphic. I’m super excited for her to read some of these books, but I know there are some that’ll just make her too uncomfortable. I know not all my readers feel comfortable reading sex scenes and some prefer the “closed door”. I want to make sure you, reader, know what you’re getting into before picking up these books.  Thus, the “Not Safe For Mom” scale.

Absolutely Not Safe For Mom

This is probably erotica and even I’m blushing and a little uncomfortable with the sex scenes.

Not Safe For Mom

I just burst into flame, the sex is that hot! And there may be more than one sex scene!

Mildly Safe For Mom

There is no questioning these sex scenes, but they don’t go into too much detail and can be easily skipped over. There is also very little-to-no foreplay/making-out/fantasizing/etc.

Mostly Safe For Mom

This is pretty safe. There may be a sex scene, but it isn’t told in vivid detail and might leave you questioning if they actually did it or not. It could potentially be a closed door scene with more vivid descriptions of foreplay/making-out/fantasizing/etc.

Safe For Mom

A closed door romance book or no sex at all (probably a fantasy book).

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